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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fresh Tracks Awards

And finally, a thank you to Adrienne over at Life of the Non-Race Runner for presenting the 'Cherry on Top Award'. Adrienne focuses on running as a goal unto itself. I believe we should all keep this focus in mind, even within the realm of competition running. It is within this framework that we see our best side!

Forgive me for changing things up a bit in this regard, but we create our own reality, right!! So, without further delay... here are the bloggers receiving the first ever Fresh Tracks award from The Sean here at 'In Clean Air'. Feel free to bestow this honor on all those you see fit!

Pass it along, ignore it or maybe, on your next run...

With mindfulness do step
calm comes in with breathe.

With anxiety exhaled
Fresh Tracks bring good health.


  1. sweet...guess i need to come out of hiding and post a blogpost...

  2. I love it!!! Will pass it along with vigor

  3. Over the top brilliant, Sean. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I hope you don't mind I have re-posted this on my blog - with credit of course.


  4. "Running as a goal" outside of competition. Love it

  5. That was an awesome award, congratulation to the achiever.


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