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Thursday, September 1, 2011

World Championships Highlights!!

If you are like me you look forward to the biannual parade of world class athletes making their way to the peak of a career in some foreign land at the Olympic Games. Years and years of preparation leads to that ultimate moment when NBC drones on about one or two attractive athletes while missing out on the whole athletic event... unless it is under 10 seconds in duration or it involves balls.

Well, not so when it comes to the World Championships. Though it might be difficult to find coverage it is out there if you dig a little into the Google. So, if you are struggling to wind up this week and need a 15 minute non-smoke-break, consider it done. Click yourself silly!

Here are some highlights so far from the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea:

  1. Jenny Barringer-Simpson wins GOLD!!
  2. Usain bolts himself to a DQ (but is sure to garner his limelight before exiting "quietly")
  3. Oscar Pistorius leads South Africa to a National Record in the 4x400m
Just a few to get you started! Let me know the events you find interesting and the athletes you love to watch!!  I'd like to see the 50k steeplechase! Any ideas for additional "creative" events on the track?

Happy Running!

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  1. He did kinda make a lil bit of a scene, didn't he???

    Seriously, 50k Steeplechase..with gators in the pit! I'd watch!


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