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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy Bein' Born

11 weeks to go before reaching the next major beacon on this path to nowhere, to everywhere. I've gone over two hours twice now and will another six times before race day. I have raced one time, a 5k for race prep mostly, and will race again this weekend, another 5k. There are also two longer races planned in the next six weeks, 10k and 10 miles.

The previous week has been long as I found myself hobbled with extreme tightness in my right calf, I ran through that, an 18 miler which was surprisingly simple to complete... I just kept running patiently and the miles melted me. When I was finished I wanted more but knew better. The next day I ran too hard... especially since I had raced the day before the long run. Now my right calf was painful but not worse as the run progressed. Tuesday I thought I should rest but lost sight of the big picture. I ran.

Two miles in I felt an acute pain in my right hip. Tightness there too. No doubt this was stemming from a small change in stride pattern after the tight calf... and the intensity increase. So, I could hardly walk for two days. I took some short walks and stretched a lot, hydrated a lot and peed a lot. Friday I went out for an easy 4+. This went well though I was hesitant about some lingering stiffness in the lower right leg. I played it safe and did some walking for a couple more days.

Monday I was back to it and got in a really nice 8 miler. I felt fresh, of course, and my legs were thankful for the break though it required a little patience to allow them to get back into the swing of things. After a few miles I felt smooth and just enjoyed a beautiful day. Sunny and 55 degrees with a light crisp breeze. Just enough to break a small sweat and stay cool.

Today it is cloudy and raining, a perfect world for a relaxed trail run. I will head out in a few for some steps on the dragon trail. The sum of this will be about 45 minutes of time and who knows what in experience. The sections of the Earth we traverse as runners remain mostly the same yet seem changed as time moves ahead. All things change, though it seems perspective is the most dynamic thing we have. It is dangerously fragile and needs constant attention to grow and thrive. To paraphrase, get busy bein' born 'fore you start a dyin'.

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