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Monday, August 2, 2010

Xterra North Carolina

Greetings fellow runners! Hope the summer is treating each of you well.
This season has brought Xterra to North Carolina in four tasty trail races. Free race entry to the national championships in Bend, Oregon to the series winner!! But... NOT free travel and accomodations.
Race #1 held a few weeks ago was atop Beech Mountain, NC... the highest town east of the mighty Mississippi at about 5,500 feet of elevation... not Colorado by any stretch but still high enough to zap you on the many hills comprising this course.
The mainly single track course made its way up and across the ski slopes of Beech Mtn before meandering around the back side where the trail became very peaceful, despite the incredible desire for more air. With its technical, soft footing this was a bear of a run. Racing 10k at elevation can really convince you that you have just entered one of those couch to marathon programs... each small hill stabbed the lungs and left you wondering about the training you've been doing... but the day went well, safe and fun! 4th overall, 1st in the age group.

This weekend I drove south to Tsali Recreation Area for race number two. This course was rolling, hard packed and wide open. A contrast to the Beech Mountain trails which were softer and more technical. Over the course of 11 miles this weekend I finished in second place overall. Which is now where the standings leave me for the overall series as well (leading the AG).
A HUGE thanks to Psyche and Leopold for coming out to lend their support to me!! If you haven't had the pleasure, click over to Psyche's blog and read about her attempt on the 77 mile Foothills Trail.

Psyche and Sean before the race

There is much happening in the world of The Sean these days, many changes on the horizon... racing is but a very small portion of life amongst these new adventures. However, being able to go out into the woods or onto a quiet road for an hour or so and test the spirit amongst friends (or amongst your own self) is always worth its time and effort. Always remember- set time aside for yourself... nobody else will, and you'll be better for it!

Happy steps whether they be on trails, tracks, roads or fields!


  1. great post, sean! hate I didn't make it to xterra at beech mtn with my peoples!! nice job getting 4th! hope to see you soon! (maybe aug 14th?:o) eric grossman has the course record for 36 min.. it would be cool to see someone break it! ( no pressure!) :oP



  2. The last few sentences were right on the money! Good luck with the next few races.

  3. "Always remember- set time aside for yourself... nobody else will, and you'll be better for it!"

    So true!

  4. Like Al, hits to the heart of it . . . nobody else will. Thanks buddy. Good to hear from you again.

  5. Wondered where your posts had been! Soulds like you are positioned well! Enjoy the fun!

  6. You're back! Glad you're posting, even if in bursts.

    So, are you going to try for a run towards the championships?

  7. Hi Sean,
    Welcome back! I was starting to worry about you! Great job on all of your races and how cool was it to meet Psyche!?! Great picture:)


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