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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A touch of speed- Loopy Tuesday

Loopy Tuesday was a sloppy one this week with all the rain in the southeast. Of course, this is a blessing in a couple of ways. First, the rain brings better cooling and allows the heat to dissipate a touch- though honestly this time of year... warmer is nice too. The biggest benefit is having the loopy course to myself for an entire workout.

Without all those people out there the workout is much more enjoyable. I am able to focus on the form and feeling the effort associated with the splits/ paces. I don't have to avoid any unaware pedestrians.

The rain has another benefit. With the low level fog and misty rain and large puddles a mystic aura is created in the workout giving a deeper feeling to the run. It is one of the days where it is easy to get nasty and down to business.

This week built on last week (of course). Last week was 6x800m on the App St track dodging the football team as they dropped their balls and fumbled and bumbled in lane one. Honestly,those 800's in 3:05-:10 were a bit of a struggle coming off the GV 50k. So, this week was a mile repeat week at 6:20-:25. A little slower, but a little longer and let's add a mile to the workload.

It looks like this: 4x mile @ 6:20-:25; rec- 800m (about 4 min)
The workout...
  1. 5:51 too fast, too easy also
  2. 6:02 better- comfortable
  3. 5:56 okay... feeling a little sting
  4. 5:56 last 800m a bit tough but still flowing

Overall too fast... or more accurate, the plan was too conservative. Perhaps the mechanical efficiency is progressing better than I think. I doubt getting much faster will translate to the Marathon so I will simply add more repeats to this in the next two weeks. As race day approaches I will get back into 800's and 400's a little quicker for sharpening purposes.


  1. Nice workout. Looks like the speed is there, ready for tapping.

  2. How did I get this far behind on blogs!?

    Those 800s were awesome. If you can cruise 20 seconds faster per cycle your plan was indeed too conservative. It sure does seem that the efficiency is coming along.

    Do you subscribe to Yasso's as a predictor of Marathon time?


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