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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Left Out of the Cold

A left ankle has left me on the sidelines.
Ever since the attempt at Table Rock 50 some two weeks ago I have been hobbling about my surroundings like a first time marathoner. At first I was just sore... intensely so. Then, as is customary, the pain subdued like the sea and left behind the grit of the sand. This grit has collected in my medial ankle joint and has caused pretty severe and long lasting acute pains in the ankle deltoid ligaments (4).

Each night I rest in bed thinking tomorrow is the miracle morning when I stand on stiff legs to water the pups and am not rudely stabbed with the pain stick. To this point this morning has not come.

I thought everything was on track with my recovery. Then I had the bright idea 5 days ago to go out for a quick 30 minutes. Right away I was feeling stiffness... but hoping to work it out I kept on and reached a mile, things were a little better, not worse, and I was now running on soft grass... so no problem. Right.

This morning I woke up again, resigned to the morning hobble but hoping again that I would be cleared to join tonight's IMTR Group Run in Demascus. No luck. I decided to pass on the dose of ibuprofen to prevent later poor decision making.

So here I am, thinking that finally I am getting better. Thinking that I could run tonight, thinking tomorrow morning would be a good time to start. With 25 days until Weymouth 100k I am feeling a bit apprehensive about that run within the framework of my lack of training and jamming in what I can for now...

Anybody have any magic running pills?


  1. the left side seems to have made everyone more conservative...which is not fair or fun.

    hope with a good dose of rest you can heal up quickly Sean!

  2. Sorry to hear about the ankle man. I have been getting over some peroneal tendonitis recently. It has basically come down to ankle strengthening exercises for me. Hopefully some rest will serve you well and certainly you shouldn't lose too much fitness. I'll probably be your way for some runs in the Spring, so will get in touch.

  3. Anybody have any magic running pills?

    I wish I had two of them... I'd send you one


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