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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dupont Forest 12k Race Preview

Tomorrow morning the Dupont Forest 12k trail race will be held outside Asheville, NC. For the first time I will toe the line with the speedsters located down the Blue Ridge Parkway. This race is put on by the local running store Jus' Running.

While this is officially a race, because I paid for it, the approach is a train-through group workout for me. With upcoming longer trail races that I am focusing on, this will allow me to get out on the dirt and take turns a little more aggressively than during the course of a normal maintenance run. I do look forward to running these new and mysterious trails and to running with some very speedy guys. My only expectation is to gradually get out of my comfort zone while running patiently. This race will be all about style.
The past winning times seem slow for the distance, which to me means that this is a difficult course to run fast. As I look at the names of past winners and their accomplishments, there is no other conclusion to draw. With this mindset I have no clue what kind of time I will be capable out there. 43 minutes??? 50 minutes... this is a large range given the distance. The Forest Service has announced that we'll be running with a lot of mud too, which while enjoyable throws in another variable:)
Like I said, this is a style race. Go out there and see what the trail throws at you. Adapt to it, flow with it and as steps accumulate begin throwing something back at the trail!

By all accounts the Dupont State Forest is a beautiful place with many waterfalls and endless miles of trail to explore. The best thing about the day's race... it is my first 12k (7.4 miles) and so long as I finish, I will have recorded a brand new PR.
Enjoy your steps!


  1. Good Luck Sean!! You will perform like the super star that you are:) Run fast and have fun!!

  2. Good luck buddy. I know you'll do the best you can. Sounds like a fun race. I might have to come up north once in awhile to get in on some of these trail runs. (Not many nice trails in Florida. It's just not the same as up north.)

  3. this will allow me to get out on the dirt and take turns a little more aggressively

    Love it! I think that is one of the things that keeps attracting me to trails. Road runs are boring, straight lines...get out on some trails and you are turning, jumping, ascending, it!

    Happy PR hunting!

  4. Good luck! Mix it up with the locals! I hear this is a FUN race.

  5. Good luck with it. Sounds beautiful!

  6. Mud is your friend, Sean. Enjoy the race. Enjoy the mud. If the going gets tough, run dirtier. Have a great race. Looking forward to the follow up report.

  7. I hope that you had a great race. Can't wait to hear about it.

    I have to admit that when I read your description of how you were going to go out I thought to myself "gosh, I would laugh if sean's training run turned into a 1st AG award or something".

    I have my fingers crossed that you are more towards the bottom side of that 43-50 range.


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