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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Athlete's Plate nominee is...

Stop drum rolling on your desks... it is a sure give away.

Settle down now, take your seats!
Okay, thank you. A winner has been selected for the Athlete's Plate nominee! I am very excited to tell you all that Adrienne from the Non-Race Runner (comment #3) is going to be the next featured blogger to receive a custom meal plan based on her dietary lifestyle. The proof is below if you are a non-trusting type:)

She has indicated that diet is a priority for her. It can be a help getting traction in nutrition. She is a busy mom so I am sure she has little time or energy to be inventing interesting new meals every week. I am very happy that she has this opportunity and I know she'll be as pleased as I was with the inspired options Jason provides! So, keep your eye on the Athlete's Plate next week, to see what Adrienne will be eating and what Jason will be naming it (which is especially interesting).

Thank you to all that participated and welcome aboard to all the new followers.  I hope that everyone gets something out of this speck on the web... whether it is motivation, workout ideas, racing tactics, healthy perspective or any number of things. The Sean will try to keep it positive and not drag through the muck! Quality in your life is a choice!! Choose well and smile.

Next week I will have my first giveaway for tangible items. They are at my home right now... Get yourselves ready for the challenge to come! results: (actually 1-8)
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  1. Did you really stick 1-100 into the random number generator?

    Congrats to Adrienne on the Athlete's Plate!

  2. Yay Adrienne! (and I say that in a very nice Rocky Balboa voice).

  3. YAY Me!! Thanks Sean....I need all the help I can get!

  4. Awwwww, i'm so behind that I missed one. Next time.... next time..... darn kid taking all my free time. :)

    I'll get in on the next one for sure!


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