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Monday, January 17, 2011

Back on Track?

Fall Creek crossing

This weekend was a productive one from the running perspective... I had a big run planned- a difficult one even by the standards of the fittest version of The Sean and so I was a bit apprehensive about how things would go. The doubt that occupied my mind for this route was tangible and I fully expected that the last 3 miles would be a bit of a horror show.

This run is one that I have tried to do before, but have always taken an errant turn and had to a adjust to an out and back, but Saturday I was going to be sure to run the loop properly and Map My Run along with a sandwich bag and an index card made this possible, clearing up the repetitive wrong turn.

The typical scenery

The low point of the run bottoms out at 1.4 miles and 2,552 feet before climbing gradually to 2700 ft. 3 miles. From here the fun begins and over the next 5k the terrain adds about 800 feet of climbing before eye popping views are bestowed as the road crests and falls.  I felt pretty weak to get started on this run. This could have been doubt rearing its unattractive face... or the lack of substantial breakfast. Soon, though I was settled into running smoothly and awaiting the grueling climb.

The summit at 6+ miles.

As the elevation gained and gained I found my rhythm and surprisingly enough- I never felt too taxed by the run. In fact, looking back on it from a cozy chair, this run was the most enjoyable I've had in recent memory! While I know I have some work to do to get back to where I was, I can't be upset about my starting point. It is nice to know that the previous two years was enough to bridge the gap of a 6 week period of inconsistent mileage.  I think what has been a large contributing factor is the intensity of the running I have been doing.

Though only 2-3 times per week- I have been running hilly and running hard most often. This must be enough to serve as a reminder to the body to not forget what it has been asked to do. And after the 10+ I did get in back to back runs. So I am beginning to feel some traction in the consistency and plan on getting a 3rd day in a row today. 3 months until Boston- so time is certainly NOT on my side.
Another enjoyable run


  1. I see you added Weymouth Woods to the list...That race has popped onto the radar for me too! Do you know if it sells out?

  2. I think that your 3x a week hard will help a bit. I mean, that is basically what the FIRST training plan is. You have what - 3 months? plenty of time!

  3. You can totally do it!!! Totally. In light of the quality of the runs you actually do, the inconsistency won't matter much in the end, so long as you ease back on track.

  4. HI quality is much better than high qunatity, IMO. Also, Nitmos loves when people refer to themselves in third person.

  5. Nice photos...looks cold. I guess I need to stop whining about the rain

  6. Looks like a beautiful route! Congrats on finding the turn.

  7. The photos along the way are awesome, but I am glad I am NOT there. Well, actually I would not mind being there once in a while. But then I would want to return to warm, sunny, Florida.


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