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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Valle Crucis 25k Pictures

The look of a tired runner. Notice the backward lean. Don't be this runner... fatigue is not an excuse.

Back to the pavement with about a 5k remaining. One last hill awaits the unprepared.

Goliath showing off his bling.
1:37:30 exactly 5 minutes quicker than last year.

Coming Down to mile 10. Time to test the legs on the flat portion after climbing and falling for an hour plus.

Entering the finish area:)

3rd Place finisher. Top time 1:32:xx


  1. SWEET!!!! HIGH 5! and great job sean!!!! You look like you were RUNNIN STRONG, boy!!!!WOO! I took the kids to mast annex this week! I love valley crucis!!!

    take care!


  2. Hi Sean,
    Wow, you did fantastic! Congrats on your third place finish and flipping speedy time:) Five minutes faster than last year is very impressive! You did great! I really like your pictures...look at your strong legs:) Nice work Sean!!

  3. Sweeet. I'm not going to lie - I have just a little bit of quad definition envy. just a bit...


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