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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Magical Green Streak!

What a great feeling it is after a few weeks of good speed work, finally getting to the feel of the snappy, efficient stride, to then go out for an hour long tempo effort as the sun sets and the crickets emerge.

I donned the reflective vest for the first time this fall last night! Does it have magical powers? After tonight's breakthrough run, it is tempting to think so!

I went out for 35 minutes, ending on a good sized climb and then turned to maintain the running on the edge feeling of the tempo effort. As the sun retired for the evening I was left running in the void of asphalt where you can almost swear you are flying. On the return trip I ended up running a little too hard a couple of times but mainly was able to cruise at 6:15 with a couple of miles around 5:47... and the great thing was that I felt like I was just sitting on the couch, feeling the run come to me. Each foot fall was quickly dissolved into a power stride, carrying the center of mass high and tall. As the few vehicles passed me I must've seemed to be a glowing green streak... in my mind.

This is the run we all hope to have everyday, that pulls us outward on those days of doubt... maybe I will have an epic day we might think. Usually not, we all know that honestly, the majority of the miles are pretty average- but this compilation leads to magic occasionally.

Bottom line, the leg speed is returning. After forcing it by will for 2 months, it is now flowing out of my body... and I like it!


  1. I love the seasons changing too! Good job.

  2. Glad the speed is coming right in time for the fall season. You'll be ready for any race that comes your way!


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