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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Goes Up?

The latest winter weather has passed through the High Country and we were left with about 5 inches in our neighborhood. Sounds as if some surrounding areas garnered a bit more this time around. I am not complaining though, as I spent Saturday cross training, that is shovelling out driveway, which is about 200 yards. I said shovelling.

This morning, well... afternoon, when I woke up I ate a muffin, made some oatmeal and began planning my first long run since Disney. Time to get into the hill running routine. This type of running will be very important for my goal races this year.

Out the door I went, patiently plodding down snow packed and ice scraped roads. At 3 miles I hit the first real climb of the day. This one went on for awhile and somewhere in mile 6 it gave way for about 5 minutes. Recovery in, now well above the surrounding landscape, taking in some amazing panoramas, I was ready for climb number two.

This took me out to the halfway point at mile 9. So I climbed for an additional 30 minutes and when I was ready to turn for home I could look across the valley at the base of Beech Mountain, where the vacationing folks were all taking the easy way up and then sliding their way to their starting point. Having just taking my ride up, I was set for the trip on down, and back to the shed.

What a free feeling it is, to run downhill for 9 miles on a crisp winter's afternoon. The day was the clearest I remember for sometime and the winter season affords the eyes such sights which aren't available during the growing seasons. I could hear birds a-chirping and spotted several deer a-leaping. A magnificent day.

As I approached the final miles of the run I came upon a man in his yard who said he'd seen me on the way up. I stopped to chat with him for a minute and he told me "that might not be so healthy if you were to fall down..."

True enough. But, I think we can all agree, at least amongst the running circle, that we'd rather fall down running, than never run at all. Here's to this magical season, full of promises for the year to come and challenges on a daily basis. This is the time when success is made. Just watch your step out there!!


  1. Hi Sean.
    Wecome back! That was beautifully written:) I am glad to hear that you were able to go outside and get a nice long run in:) You are right it is a magical season! I also am able to see deer on my runs and I love watching them. I run on the trails and our deer are really not afraid of people. They just look at me and act like the could care less if I share their woods or not.

    I will take your advice and watch my step:) I hope that you have a great week!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your run with us! I really feel refreshed after reading. And you are so right - better run and risk falling - there are so many dangers out there, we could be all sitting on the couch if we were to avoid them.

  3. First, I'm always inspired by your posts. Thank you for that.

    "This is the time when success is made"...I myself have beein thinking a lot about that very thing lately. How, especially this year, it's so difficult to prepare for a Spring Marathon. The ones who persevere will reap great rewards.

  4. "this morning....well afternoon" Yeah, I think we've all had THOSE days.

    This run sounded like a good one. I rarely see people twice during my out and backs. I honestly wish I that I saw more so that I could stop and chat.


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