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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Summer Nights, Summer Days are Gone..."

With my apologies to Bob Dylan the "Summer Days, Summer Nights" are indeed gone. But, I know "somewhere where something is still goin' on!"

The snow is here again. This time he has brought along a friend, that is bitter, fierce winds. Not exactly the way to make friends. With the 5 below temps outside I took the night off after back to back tempo efforts, maybe it was time anyhow; more likely I am rationalizing.

Half of the driveway... sweeping to the left from the house.

One great benefit of this weekly winter weather is the cross training benefit associated with all of the shovelling. In addition to the 50-60 mpw I am currently logging, I am also getting in about 3 hours of shovelling every ten days. I think this equates to about 8 miles of running... at least, and depending on the moisture content of that particular snow. My driveway is about 200yards, or meters... long with enough parking for 4-5 cramped vehicles.

BUT- tomorrow is a new day, and that will bring more training!!! No matter the weather, I will run. Not inside, like the dreaded Ivan Drago... NO!!! DRAAAGOOOO!!!!!! Never, I will be outside, communing with the elements. If only to feel the simple motion until I freeze through the layers. I will continue to train as I must, the only way I know... the way that cultivates the toughness needed when we face the real world. No race worth racing... was ever raced on a damned treadmill.

You make the choice! (notice, the monkey is barefoot.)

Go check this out.


  1. I thought you were Ivan?
    Is that a Cohiba in in Paulie's mouth?
    Damn, Ludmilla was hot back then!!!

  2. Hi Sean,
    I have pretty much had it with all of the snow and winter!! I am ready for spring to arrive:) Way to think of something positive about shoveling....great upper body cross training!!! I like that:)

  3. Cross training be damned, is it spring yet? I wanna see some buds on trees, some birds chirping, and maybe even a tulip.

  4. Agreed! I would rather run in a blizzard than on the treadmill, as evidenced by yesterday's a blizzard:)

    Hey, didn't you race last Saturday?

  5. I was wondering if shoveling counted...thanks for confirming! I'd rather be outside, stumbling in a blizzard any day. Not that I even have access to a treadmill, but it's the principle ;)


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