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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Photographs

Howdy! Here are some photos from the last year or so that I don't think I have shared yet... (and training is going well. Still increasing volume.)

Lynnea and I at Lemon Res. Durango, CO.

(below) Lynnea at Goblin Valley, presiding over her domain.

Here I am with a new rock friend.

(below) I am trying my best to un-balance this rock.

A window onto Delicate Arch

Finding some peace in the desert.

Goliath is in Heaven!

The Watauga River in its winter mood.

Lynnea with our temporary neighbor after a big snow.

Goliath breaking into some new tracks.

Early morning in the autumn desert.

The torturous lap at Grandfather Mountain Marathon.

Firecracker 10k, The Hill

...onto the next thing...


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Goliath looks likes the happiest pup ever! Beautiful dog :)

    I also really like the one of the Delicate Arch. Looks like it could be a screen saver, or a motivational poster that doesn't suck.

  3. Canyonlands is one of my favorite spots on earth. There is so much to see and do. When we were there last summer there was no parking by the Delicate Arch trailhead, so I dropped the family off and drove about a mile up the road to another parking lot. I ran the road down and up the trail to catch up with the family, all in my Chaco's. That ended up being one of my favorite runs last year.

  4. Lynnea looks like such a sweetie pie! You guys look very happy:)

  5. NICE!!! thanks so much for posting those!!! I love moab and utah!! I was SO digging the arches and goblin valley ones!! :o)

    happy running sean!!! :o)


  6. Hi Sean,
    I loved the beautiful pictures, they were so fun to look at:) Thanks for posting....some of the pics. could be in the pages of a calendar!!

  7. No smart ass comment here... These pictures were incredible. Such a dynamic contrast in all of the various places too. The desert to the snow to the forest. Awesome.

  8. i'm a total dork - i ***LOVE*** the photos where you "balance" out leaning things - buildings, rocks, etc. Thanks for sharing!


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