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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Jog Mile! Lily's CR

And now for some fun!

Saturday morning Lynnea and I packed up Lil' our 2 1/2 going on 2 months Siberian Husky and Goliath our Maremma Sheep Dog for the 2010 edition of the Dog Jog Mile.

With Lynnea and Goliath taking this one off as the bun-in-the-oven continues baking, it was up to Lily and I to represent the Fearsome Fivesome's running prowess. This years race was complete with pups of all shapes and sizes and even a miniature horse (literally) which was somehow stunted enough to be outsized by a few of the dogs!

2010 Dog Jog Champion and CR Holder 5:04

With the peep-peep of a squeaky toy, we were off to the races. Lily charged to the front and played with a dog on the left. Soon she was all alone and reaching the half way point and the turn around the fire hydrant! She was feeling playful as we approached the return and all the dogs on their run. It was a task to keep her focused on the task, but showing her Husky spirit she allowed he love of running to overcome the desire to smell butts. A challenge all of us have from time to time... right?

As we reached the final stretch, Lily spotted Lynnea at the finish and tucked her ears back, dashing to the end of the leash to reach her Mama as quickly as possible, I did my best to keep up. We crossed the line in 5:04 and Lil' set a brand new course record for the Dog Jog!! Now she has a $20 gift card for Backyard Burger and a custom ceramic medallion to remember her amazing feet by!

Interview (excerpt) with Lily
SD: What was the biggest challenge today?

Lily: You made me stop at the end... and sitting down at the start.

SD: How did you handle your nerves?

Lily: What? I am not sure what that is.

SD: What did you most enjoy about your first race?

Lily: I liked being able to pee in new places, and running really fast while changing directions randomly and almost tripping you!!

SD: Thanks, Lily, any advice for the other runners out there?

Lily: Go as fast as you can, when you get tired jump in the river.

The Wrap-up
When we got home Lil' was a handful, bragging to her sister, Aster, the aplha-female Husky of the household... and I could tell that Aster was jealous as can be. She has her strengths- like laying around, waiting for table scraps and keeping other dogs from having fun... but her running days are in the distant past!

Goliath and Aster not that impressed by anything but cheese.

So congratualtions Lily! Next time, we'll stretch her out for a 5k or 10k!!


  1. Ha - this was a great post.

    Goliath is VERY appropriately named.

  2. Congrats to Lily for her wonderful Dog Jog PR! This was very entertaining and fun to read Sean! Both of your dogs are beautiful:)

  3. Loved the post! Your dogs are adorable!

  4. HAhaha, really enjoyed this post!!! That's one gorgeous runner you have in your family :) And I so can understand Aster's feelings...


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