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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Aster is elbow deep in love with winter
Another blast and dump of winter white stuff has stopped commerce in the High Country. This latest event began  with the arrival of Santa Claus around sun up on Christmas morning. By lunch time the ground was covered and by mid afternoon the world was a winter wonderland! The storm continued dumping snow and blowing wind until Monday afternoon and left us with about 15 inches of goodness!

I took the opportunity to get out the snow shoes and tromp about with the pups. I broke trail and laid track in on Monday for about an hour, use the link to see all the pictures.  Yesterday with most of the trail "restored" I set out with the best runner in the family, Lily to run about 60 minutes in the snow shoes. While this takes getting use to, it is much better than post-holing every 3-4 steps. We covered just about every inch of the Dragon Trail network and with the snow were able to run some new areas too, the snow kind of levels some steep surfaces making them more approachable.

After the hour with Lil' I returned home and hitched up Goliath for a couple hours of hiking. The big boy likes to savor life and so we plodded slowly and deliberately along. I used this opportunity to fully define the tracks, with the aim and the hope of getting out next run in my screw-shoes on the trails, ideally I will have a nice crunchy and groomed track to peruse.

Again, if you are a visual learner, check out the above link for more pictures than I care to mess with here.

Happy running!!


  1. Beautiful pics! Aster is stunningly beautiful:)

  2. I think Aster is as puffy as the snow!!


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