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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Day

Howdy, I hope the air is a little cleaner, or at least drier and warmer where you are reading this. Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains we are going through a spell of March in May.

Last night's 63 minutes were COLD- I even was wishing for gloves a few times as the raw wind cut through my clenched hands. Isn't it funny how folding our thumbs inside our our fisted fingers can bring such a place of contented relief! And the alternation between this and covering our fingertips with an exposed thumb is almost as cozy as a warm and dry quilt... almost.

Warmer and drier days are on the horizon but last night, as I warmed by the light of my home computer I decided on a face lift for my 3 year old blog. I'd be happy with any feedback, good bad or well, if you were indifferent I guess I wouldn't hear anything from you...

Happy Running


  1. I like it!
    And cold runs are long as you know there's an end;)
    Run On!

  2. I hope you bring that hawt guy in the photo to Chattooga - hubba hubba!


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