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Friday, October 14, 2011

Series of Dreams

Picture a line in the sand... your perception of what you are capable of... where you've already gone.

Now, picture yourself as a fountain of energy, a geyser of momentum. As you grow, your inertia acts and moves these small grains of sand around you and what was once a line in the sand, a limitation, vanishes and is now a fresh landscape.

Now, in your new vast sandbox, free of boundaries or limitations you are able to go beyond and discover a new horizon.

This weekend I will be finding the new horizons of my sand box as I return to run the next event in the Boone Marathon Series. The 2nd Annual October Marathon will be my landscape on which I can allow myself to explore whatever distance I choose to.

My last visit to a BMS event left me limping away at mile 18 (?) somewhere around 3am, having walked the last 7+ miles. It was... a failure in many respects, though I like to believe there was a lesson in there. Maybe a lesson as simple as, get in the game!

BMS events take place on a 3.75 mile out and back on the Boone Greenway. We will run out, then back, out, then back....  7 times for a full marathon... bonus miles for those who choose. There have been some amazing long runs completed out on this tiny speck of Earth... try 105 miles by Bobby Cordell to name just one example... that is 28 trips of out and back over the 1.875 mile stretch.

If you are in the High Country this weekend for the Woolly Worm or some other event, stop by the Greenway in the am and get your run on! It is free, it is low key and the weather has been ordered up as PERFECT complete with the peak for leaf peepers.

Happy Running!

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  1. Best of luck, Sean! Have fun exploring your own boundaries. That's what life is all about...


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