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Friday, August 12, 2011

Boone Marathon Series: August Anguish Marathon

Tonight at 12:01 am... well, okay tomorrow- I will be taking my first steps in the Boone Marathon Series August Anguish Marathon... these races are pretty open to the interpretation of the runner concerning distance, start time and all those kinds of details. While the nomenclature indicates a 26.2 mile run, participants in the series routinely cover much more ground than a measly marathon. The record, to my knowledge, sits somewhere north of 100 miles on the 3.75 mile out and back course... which is flat, paved and quite curvy as it winds along the New River on the Boone Greenway Trail.

Open ended
My aim is to run another moonlight training run in preparation for next month's Woods Ferry 24 hour in SC. So I'll get started around midnight and hope to keep moving for about 10 hours. My first distance beacon will be 50k, a bit more than 8 trips on the course... then I will see how things go for that final 5 hours of the unknown.

How far will my "training" take me?
I am now taking bets... 35 miles? 40 miles? 50 or more? One thing is certain, I will be surpassing my weekly average over the last 2 months pretty easily. I will also be enjoying a nearly full moon (97% according to the Google) so I hope to minimize the use of my headlamp except for notifying others of my presence. No need to scare off the nocturnal dirt people with sightings of Bigfoot in the Blue Ridge.

What are your running plans in the near future?

Happy Running!


  1. Best of luck Sean and be wary of the Big Foot's!!!! Stay safe!

  2. Sean -

    A marathon on the Boone greenway trail? Never heard of it! Good luck, I run that greenway and surrounding trails on many of my morning loops...that out and back will be a mind-numbing experience!

  3. Oh, you had to bring Squatch into it, didn't you?
    Hmm..I'm going to guess upwards of 50 mile-ish for you??? But sounds like a FUN time no matter what. Hey, sorry to miss you at Woods Ferry. We signed up, but then got all distracted-like by Laz's idea of running 100 miles on Bloody Highway 11W (Haunted Highway to Hell 100 : )))

  4. now don't be running in a big foot costume scarrying everyone:p hope you have a great time and enjoy that moonlight.


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