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The Listening

I have a voice for blogging, at least that is what my dogs tell me. In lieu of an In Clean Air-cast... I have included my favorite podcasts for your perusal. Some running related, some not.

Feel free to message incleanair at gmail dot com to share your favorites... or just leave a comment... so I can explore the vastness of the podcast world!!

Running Stupid
Coach Ken
You probably already listen, if not, why not!! Ken accompanied me (audibly) through training for my first 50k. He is genuine, hilarious and you can't not smile when hearing the joy Coach Ken brings you from sunny CA! A prolific racer, Ken is constantly causing me envy while describing San Fransisco trails!

Running From the Reaper
Go along with your new virtual running buddy. Hear about the squabbles of daily life, the beauty of the European countryside and general random thoughts while on the run! I find this very entertaining and have listened for years.

Earwolf Comedy Podcasts
Peruse the myriad of comedic offerings... you'll probably laugh and might be offended. It's a risky world out there!

Here are my suggestions? No, hear my suggestions!

Matt Besser
Improv for humans (and some other intelligent beings). Matt founded the UCB and continues his improv stylings in this here podcast featuring guests each week and suggestions from Twitter land!

Professor Blastoff
Tig Notaro with Kyle and Dave
Transmitting from the hatch vacated years ago by Professor Blastoff continue diligently with the good Professor's life's work. They discuss metaphysics, science and other stuff they find likable with experts in the field... or people who claim to be experts.

It's Professor Blast Off!   "Good One."