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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kick me to the Curb

I am tired, beat down tired.

Following Saturdays all out race I have completed 3 additional runs. The cumulative effect has me moaning and groaning but not very sore.... just tired.

13 miles of progression type running. This one moved from very easy to aerobic threshold.

Feeling a little tired I back off and completed a long 9 miles at a relaxed effort... still I was feeling the fatigue coming on pretty strong.

The plan was to run 10 miles at whatever kind of pace I felt like running at the given moment. It turned out to be 6.5 in 39 minutes. At which point I was ready to have the dirt shovelled on top of me for a long sleep. Fortunately I still had 4 miles to run in order to get back to the car. I moseyed along step by step and reached the promise land in 26 minutes... slogging it. Nice to know that even on the most fatigued days I am still carrying some momentum in my stride.

This could go in a lot of directions, but here I am just talking about rest. Tomorrow I will come home early and not run a step. The time with the family will do me well (and I have a Pre-Calc test on Friday). Wish me luck, I DO need it!!!


  1. Good Luck!! You'll do great with your exam!

    rest and recover!!! :o)

    happy st patrick's day!


  2. Hi Sean,
    You should be have been going all gang busters for some time now:) I am glad that you are taking tomorrow deserve it! Good luck on your Pre-Calc test! Yuck....I am not good at anything math:( Happy St. Patty's Day!

  3. Yikes, math. Ick. Good luck with that. Seriously.

  4. Rest well. It's what makes us stronger. And makes our families let us stick around :)

    I love calculus! I'll send some good vibes.

  5. Rest up! Sounds like you need it. Hopefully you'll be rarin' to go afterwards.

  6. Good luck with the test today.

    Don't sweat the running too much. Your body is begging for a breather. Give it what it wants and you will probably be over-joyed with the results after the rest.


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