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Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 Drops in a Bucket, brough to you by Courage Wolf #27

Seems that I have been tagged by Adam to take part in the latest craze...

Followers!! (that is you),

I give to you The Bucket List, The Sean style.

What would a 30 something ex-world traveller, ex-mercenary and all-around ex-bum want to do before he meets the Great Beyond? Well, I guess we are all about to find out. This is going to be a bit of a semi-contemplated brain storming activity.

The List

  1. Plains, Trains and Autobahns: Spend 6 months in anonymous stupor while travelling trains and sleeping in random hostels in the land of my ancestors. Sure, it is a bit euro-trashy, predictable and maybe adolescent... but isn't everything if you reduce it far enough? Let's not be cynical! Something along the lines of a Eggers novel.

  2. Run 100 miles. Now, to one day get my head around that. Though it seems to me from the outside, that this is something you can't quite get to, without actually doing it. That said, I guess the real challenge is the life-changing commitment to train for this sort of endeavour... and if I do it, WHEN I do it... I will keep doing it until I complete Hardrock... which is to me, the land of heaven on Earth.

  3. Procreation Nation. I am pretty much the luckiet, happiest person on the planet. There seems to be only one way to improve things... and that is to reproduce offspring in my image... maybe more in line with the image of Lynnea, in that new person's best interest. This is something to not put a timeline on, of course. Until it happens I'll be doing my part to give what I can...

Well, that is a pretty solid list I think. Additionally, one day I will have a topic for a book and so will write that. I heard once that it is best not to write until you have something to say. So, until that day, keep those legs moving, that heart pumping and those eyes shining!!!

And remember... we don't regret what is done,

only what we have not yet had the courage to try.

PS- If you did not click the last link... here it is again. Last chance, seriously.


  1. Hi Sean,
    Great bucket list:) There is no doubt in my mind that you will run a 100 mile run! If you ever write a book, I promise you that I will purchase it. I love the beautiful imagery that you use with your poetry and blog posts:) Thanks for sharing and have a great day Sean!

  2. Two of those you TOTALLY control. Remember . . . the point of a list is to check things off! So get to work on one of these!! I vote for #2 first!!

  3. yay!! have a baby so I can go "you are such a dad". HAHA, great list, you can do it all, I have faith.

  4. Great list. The 6 mo is interesting. I am not sure I could do that - but it would be REALLY fun to try.

    That picture of the 70s dude is a riot.

    Funny, it FEELS like I am pissing lightning. Actually, maybe it just feels like I am pissing fire. *googles symptoms of STDs...*

  5. I've seen that Courage Wolf thing on one of my friend's facebook page. Nifty-neat.

    Good bucket list too! I think you covered all of your bases ;)

  6. great post and great bucket list! I agree about hardrock!! It's my DREAM to run it!! more than any other 100 race, that being said I'll probably run leadville or big horn 100 to prep for hardrock.. but this is years down the road for me. I have to run my first 50 mi and get more 50k's under my belt before I even attempt a 100.

    and kids!! they are the biggest change but the best and most wonderful change imaginable. being a mother has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. and I was really surprised by that!! :o) ( haha travel in europe before kids I have always wanted to thru hike the AT and I have accepted the fact I won't be doing that until I'm like 45 and kiddies are in college:o)

    Cheers and happy running in * more* snow and ice!!


  7. Great bucket list. The 100 miler will be an awesome feat.

  8. Hey! I'm glad you did this cause I tagged you too on this!!! I love your sense of humour, and I totally want to do to the whole euro-trashy travel for heck knows how long. I think it's possible and doable. It's on my "to do before XXX yrs old" list. We'll see :)


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