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The Reading

Running Within
Jerry Lynch, Warren Scott
Intrinsic motivation and finding the ongoing why for your 'how'! What the heck does that mean? Read the book and find out!

You will learn how to sustain a healthy running career and put yourself into perspective. Even if you don't run, this book can be helpful in moment to moment lifestyle approach.

Advanced Marathoning
Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
This is the 'how' to go with the underlying why. Now you'll have information to train yourself smarter or at least conversation to put your next dinner party to sleep.

Wondering why VO2 max matters? How to schedule your tempo and long runs?
Do junk miles really exist?

The science of your run directly from the experts!

The Four Hour Body
Tim Ferris
Eat as much as you want (1 day a week) and still lose weight! The Sean endorses this method and used this method of eating to train for the Boston Marathon. Here you can learn to put off those cravings and develop a strategy for fueling your active lifestyle.

Turns out you can have your cake and drink your beer!

Why We Run
Bernd Heinrich
Biology and Anthropology meet at ultra running in this story of the human running condition.

Using examples from the animal kingdom and personal experience from an ultra running legend, this book takes you on a trip from anonymity to the top of the ultra running world... before there was such a thing!