Join 'In Clean Air'

Grand-further FA 50k

Following portions of a local marathon course, this run get into the guts of the High Country running scene.

Starting in downtown Boone, NC (3333 ft elevation) the Grand-further FA50k will begin by heading up to Howard's Knob Park (4406 ft) and back down for a quick 5 mile warm up. Then, the route will join with a locally popular summer marathon course for its first 10 miles or so... our course will be about 4.5-5 miles ahead of any markers you might pass.

Hebron Rock Colony
Following along this popular route (King St., Hwy 321, Winklers Creek Rd., Russ Cornett Rd.) the course eventually reaches Poplar Grove Rd. which will be followed until the runner will turn right (not left) upon reaching Shulls Mill Rd.

Turn left near Hound Ears Club and continue on to Old Turnpike Rd. and follow this until the runner will eventually reach the entrance to Hebron Rock Colony.

Access to BRP
Breaking away from the road the runner now get to the first water section. The rocks here will force you to climb and scramble (for the first time today) while traversing the beautiful large boulders as the waters wind through. Once atop the cascades the course moves through marshy areas and then back into the woods and toward the Boone Fork Trail the way less traveled on the Mountains to Sea Trail.

Trail to Calloway Peak
The trail crosses the water here and takes a right turn on the BFT which will be followed until intersecting in a handful of miles with the Tanawha Trail on the right (downhill). The Tanawha will take the runner beyond two Blue Ridge Parkway access points at Cold Prong and upper Boone Fork until reaching an intersection with the Daniel Boone Scout Trail (right, and uphill).

A right turn here brings the first real climbing of the day. The course is now on its way to the top of Grandfather Mountain and Calloway Peak, elevation 5946 ft. This will be slow going with technical trails and ladders and ropes in place for the runner to move safely. Onward along the ridge line Grandfather Trail the course will continue utilizing ladders and ropes to move to MacRae Peak at 5845 ft.

Grandfather Trail 2.4 miles
With a mile to go you have now covered 29 miles (give or take) and have only to make the Mile High Swinging Bridge to finish your 30 miles (plus). Continuing to MacRae Meadows is not suggested per existing road rules at Grandfather Mountain. However, the Highland Games will be taking place and there will be a good deal of runners finishing their own road run.

Of course the course is subject to change. You can be certain that this run will give you bragging rights over any official road race held in the area, if you are into that kind of thing. There is no t-shirt, no medal and support will be minimal.

We won't tell you what to do or bring but... a map, a water bottle and some food might be a good idea. This run will be very demanding, technical, hot and not to be attempted without certification of your insanity.

A nominal collection may be made for the park entrance fee for a shuttle vehicle to pick us up. Any fee would be determined by need according number of runners participating and number of vehicles needed to enter the Grandfather Mountain Attraction. Friends or family to supply aid would be helpful. No date is set. However, a July 14th date sounds fitting and earlier in the day is certainly better.