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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loopy Tuesday- Back at Home

This week has been full of not enough sleep... but it seems like all that I am doing is sleeping? Also I started classes again on Monday, started morning running on school days and have been trying to catch up around the house from the work we've been doing. A perfect storm.

I arrived at my destination donned in my cotton camo t-shirt on which has been printed, Lean Mean Fighting Machine in a military block style lettering which reminds me of M.A.S.H. reruns, yes reruns. It did not take long on this muggy day in the high country to be carrying 10 pounds of soaked shirt and shoes around the circuit. I tell myself this is not really extra weight since it must have come from within, doubtful I am wicking this much moisture from the surrounding air.

Leaving the car a long mile from Valle Crucis Park, I plodded along Hwy 194 with short quick strides in order to eventually run around in circles of varying lengths. I passed by The Mast General Store and peaked in at the bustle of old tyme mercantile. Arriving at the park I did a little half mile loop and got set to begin running fast in small bursts. This is the essence of Loopy Tuesday. The plan called for a section of 2 sets of 1200 and 1600 at 10k, MP pace work and followed this set with full recovery.
Then came the focus of the workout with some faster running designed to improve mainly mechanical efficiency somewhere down the road. I can tell you that I was feeling anything but efficient as I clomped along the asphalt path, dodging debris from the mower in the area, weaving around 'pedestrians' and soaking in the gawking of parents at youth football practice. These are the hazards we all face. But the real issue is the recent lack of real speed efforts, leading to over striding as the main obstacle. Or maybe it just feels this way?

All in all Loopy Tuesday was successful. 7 miles of work with some jogging in there for about 10 miles total on the day. I was wiped last night and feel like a zombie this morning. No amount of coffee will help with this lethargy... and oh yeah, I have a World Civilizations class tonight. If I start snoring, please, tap me on the shoulder... zzz zzzz zzzz zz zzz


  1. Your shirt reminds me more of Stripes. :)

    And cotton is evil.

  2. I don't know... I still think that a wet shirt feels heavier than when the moisture was in my body.

    Nice work on the speed work.

  3. I guess I was channeling my inner Bill Murray. I always think of foot speed when he comes to mind.


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