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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AutumnFest 5k- a preview

I am still resting up a bit after Sunday's 'marathon'. My right foot is a little tender in the calcaneus- have a small ball in there that is responding well to RICE and massage. It does not hurt when I run, just when I walk around in office shoes at work. So two days of rest and extra sleep with lots of core work in the interim. This is something we should probably all do a little more. Speaking for myself, I am always putting this stuff off but when I do it, I never regret it. (Does this sound like some of your non-running friends??)

Saturday morning is my next race... a 5k. This of course is a short distance but in that 17 minutes is a required large effort. The density of effort creates an acute, searing burn which many of us, being endurance junkies, are a little unfamiliar to. The course I am running is in Southern Pines, NC which means low elevation, flat pavement and maybe some heat too. Basically I will be 'out of my element' to quote Walter Sobchak.

I find it beneficial to go outside the lines in racing and training. If we are always in our areas of familiarity then we can never grow. With this in mind, I look forward to Saturday's test of the recent speed work that has been put in. As is the norm with 5k races, I really have no idea how fast I am capable of covering the distance. About all I can focus on is to get out well, within myself and then keep the foot on the gas for a couple of miles. When 1000m comes around to meet me I will see what is left in the anaerobic tank.

Goals are pretty simple. I'd like to follow the above approach for the steps that add up to the feelings that will comprise this race's memory.
  1. Get out quickly within my ability. Specifically, I will get on that edge quickly and see how long I can balance the aerobic knife edge.
  2. Compete well. In other words, when the choice appears in my mind, decide to run with the strength I know is inside of me, and that I strive to foster each day.
  3. sub 17 (5:28/ mile) This is a place I have not been in a good long while. I know I can run this time given a good morning of running.
  4. It goes by quickly... don't let it slip away.

Good luck to all those out there testing themselves. This is the essence of being human... the ability to take the abstract realm of the mind and create something with meaning with the body by way of the unknown source which some call the soul.


  1. Good luck, you are gonna smoke it!

  2. Good luck! It won't be because of lack of training!


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