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Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Summary

September has faded to history, but its memory will linger on in my cell's so long as I am able to maintain this lifestyle of the runner... recently I have experienced a little barking in my foot but it seems to just want some attention. The bank safe is full now for the next big race in October, all deposits are in, and now we can just go and count the bills, iron them out and mainly try to not make a mess of a good situation.
So, here is a numerical summation of September 2009:

Total Mileage for the Year- 1665
Total Mileage for the Month-215 (matches highest monthly total this year)
Most memorable Run of the Month. A breakthrough form type of run which began the transition to speed running, in this case on the hills of the Dragon Trail...

Dragon Trail Hill Workout. Aptly dubbed The Dragon.

A very good month, the highest total mileage (tied with May) and the highest quality as well. With time goals approaching for 50k and Marathons races it is important to garner some quality. The running has been consistent, even with a hectic schedule (classes 3 nights per week) and dwindling daylight as the Earth goes to sleep. I look forward to the fall and its promise of running and racing well at Goblin Valley, Charlotte and then into 2010 at Disney and good lord willing Boston in unpredictable April.

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  1. I really like the most memorable run idea. I'm trying to think which run I would pick - strangely maybe my Yasso 800s that I think may have started my injury. One of the first times where I averaged sub 6 on all of them with little effort. :)


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