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Friday, December 4, 2009

History of the Sean and how it Relates to Today

This Week
Reindeer 5k on the schedule this weekend so it is back over to Southern Pines! Last 5k I ran was a week out from a self-supported marathon distanced training run. I ran 17:05 and fell short of my goal of 16:59.

Next Week
I am currently in the midst of tapering for next Saturday's Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte where I hope to run sub 3 hours... so tomorrow I believe dipping below 17 minutes is possible.

The main focus is to get one more race experience before next week's goal effort. A little background here...

...and how the hell we got Here...
In 2003 I qualified for Boston running my PR of 2:58 (and change) at Chicago. That was a long time coming for me... a good five years of running the distance to break through. After Chicago I was deployed to an airbase in Kuwait and while there was injured while running leading to a long lay off. I missed Boston in 2004 and then in 2005 as well.

After leaving the USAF I fell into some traps and bad habits which led to less than ideal training environments... my running fell to 4 miles a week on a good cycle. Let's just say the quarter repeats came in plastic baggies, not on an oval. After a few years of that I made the decision to get myself together. This past January I began running again for myself, for the enjoyment and to this point I have run at or above the marathon distance 4 times this year, Charlotte will be number 5... matching my lifetime total coming into the year of 2009.

So, what?
Will I get back to Boston (for 2011) qualification? I think I can run 2:53 if things go well... on a larger scale I could not be happier to be writing about such things.


  1. This past January I began running again for myself,

    That statement jumed off the page to me....running for yourself, within yourself...

  2. 2:53. Wow! I'll be trying to BQ at Thunder Road as well, only with a 3:50. I feel so old and slow now...:-)!

    Good luck to you!!

  3. Running for yourself is the only way to do it. Glad you've found your kick and inspiration again.

    If there is anyone who could not only BQ but also run a sub 3, it is you.


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