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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Loopy Tuesday- prerace

Today is Tuesday, and even if it is cold, which it is; and wet with soaking rain, Tuesday means getting in the work. With the Marathon on Saturday this session is just a sharpening opportunity... I will just go out and get in some turnover for the mechanical efficiency benefits.

Today will be something like 3x800m at 6 min pace and then a couple of 400s slightly quicker, like 10k effort. I am not getting too hung up on the actual particulars. Today I will run relaxed and flowing allowing my mind and body to come together for a couple of miles. The pushing the limits stuff will have to wait until Saturday.

Finishing up at the Reindeer Fun Run 5k; 16:25

I find that after a cycle of speed work when we head into the taper, that the body begins to crave this particular sort of running and when it is deprived the body becomes restless, then lethargic... so you have to find balance. In this case, for me, I have discovered that teasing myself with a hint of hard work is enough to get the spirit wanting more.

Once this is established all that is left to do is wait and run with patience on the big day... and not fall off of anything in the meantime!


  1. I hope you run to the best of your ability on saturday!!!

  2. Great picture. I watched the video that you posted on FB and thought it was interesting that the slower the runners got, the more clothes they seemed to be wearing. Makes since I suppose since you are 3x faster than some of them out there.

    Also interesting, I’ve always felt the same way turning taper (heavy legs) but have never been able to accurately verbalize it. I laughed to myself that your 10K pace is my balls-out sprint pace….All relative I suppose.


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