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Thursday, March 11, 2010

363 days later... A Leaping Preview.

The stage is set. The training is done and all that is left is time leading to a line on the asphalt.

On Saturday morning a small group of runners will meet in a parking lot to run the 5k distance on the Lenoir Greenway trail. The course consists of a long downhill at the start leading to a flat and fast course which returns to the same hill and the same parking lot.

Some History
This will be my third consecutive year running this race. It serves as an indicator for how the winter running went for all involved. With this year's season being so heavy with snow, wind and cold, it will be interesting to see who was brave enough to get in their training and who developed a deeper relationship with oreos and popcorn... a time for everything:)

The previous two years I was in the introductory phase of training. Maybe I had a couple of 40 mile weeks logged, definitely nothing fast and 8 miles was about the longest run completed.

The Present
This year is different for me. At this point, I have a solid 14 months of 50+ mile weeks. Not a huge base in the grand scheme of things, but enough to run a quality race. I have even kept up some informal speed work this winter in the form of fartleks and tempo runs whenever weather allowed it. This approach kept things fun and my motivation to train and race is high right now.

The Calm
So, as I still myself mentally and allow for the crescendo of spirit to bring the best from within on race day, I review what I have done thus far to make my self better and how that can translate to a positive result for racing. I focus on the internal aspects, the courage to accept the discomfort; to surpass that trivial detail, that gatekeeper and reaching beyond it to achieve something wonderful.

I encourage this approach each day. To shunt those external influences toward productive internal belief in the only thing we really have control over.


  1. Best of luck on Saturday - may all your strides be fast and strong!

  2. Good luck, I think you will do very well based on your training and the reports I have seen you post. I look forward to seeing the result. Go get em!!!

  3. I believe that a 'huge base' is certainly a relative term....and relatively speaking yours is huge (that is what she said). *zing*

    Have a great race this weekend! Can't wait to see some pictures/hear about it.

  4. I hope you have a great race. Sounds like you are prepared. I raced last weekend (in Md where we've had record snowfalls) and found that times overall seemed a bit slower than normal for this time of the year. I think the snow has definitely impacted most people's training.

  5. Good luck this weekend Sean!! I am sending you some positive speedy and kick some big time butt vibes:) You are going to do great!!

  6. You'll do great. Be sure to report back to us. and relax with that ice cream tonight!

  7. 14 months of 50+ miles per week? No, it sounds like you're not ready for this at all ;)

  8. So very zen, so very inspiring. Good luck - though from the sounds of it I think you'll be just find without it! :-D


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