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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obligatory: 10 Random Things Concerning The Sean

Forgive me for any repetition... seems we have been down this road in one aspect or another previously. I will try to make these unique, by digging deep. Though I am sure there are some new readers who may know nothing about the brain of the person typing these little letters you are reading now...

  1. My first race was the 50yd dash in 2nd grade. I left the line leisurely and around 1/2way realized my pace was much too slow for the distance. Last place.
  2. A year later while sledding in the hills of New Hampshire I stopped suddenly upon reaching a grove of Birch. After some painful weeks of trying to walk again I soon found that I was kind of speedy while running.
  3. In the year 2000, I decided to join the military one day while fitting an elderly pair of feet for women's dress shoes... it was a very good decision.
  4. My wife and I met while I was visiting my brother at a rafting outpost on the Chattooga River (where Deliverance was filmed). I had planned on a two week stay. Life has some curve balls which lead to wonderful things. Don't be afraid of the unknown.
  5. I have never completed Super Mario Brothers. Though I have seen the Princess taunting me many times. It is perhaps my one great regret.
  6. As a young boy, my family would travel around New England singing faith based songs to the elderly in retirement homes. Don't get me started on 'I am a Promise'
  7. While living in Japan, I was hypnotized on stage in front of a large gathering of US Marines. I then chased an imaginary greased pig throughout the hall, under tables, through legs and never quite caught that rascal.
  8. Double Dare was one of my favorite shows as a kid. If I had ever gone on the show, I would have chosen the physical challenge every time!
  9. Spending $1.50 for water is unreasonable. Spending $35 for a 5k... less unreasonable.
  10. When meeting new people I find it interesting to watch their reactions when the topic of occupation surfaces. Having had many different types of jobs, in diverse areas, it is so odd the way some jobs peak interest and others shut people off completely. Sorry, that's all you get on that note.

You don't want to know how long that took to put together... I will now take questions.

Yes, you... right, sitting at the desk pretending to work. What is your question?


  1. Ah, how did you know I was pretending to work while reading your blog?

    Are you still in the military?

  2. Hi Sean,
    I was wondering if you were ever going to accept my tag:) Thanks for sharing more information about you!

    I traveled to Japan when I worked for the airlines. Did you like living there? What was your favorite part about being inlisted in the military?

    I think it is interesting that you had many different types of jobs. I find it kind of intriguing...I also have had several different types of jobs throughout the last twenty years. I couldn't imagine staying with a job if I disliked it or felt bored with it. For me that is when it is time to move on:) Have a great day!

  3. LMAO! Somehow I knew embarking on this post that you would have some random things to say about yourself!

    Loved #5!

    I will have to think of an equally random question for you... wait for it...

  4. #4 - Love it!
    #6 - sounds all too familiar.
    #7 - were you faking??

  5. It's like your 10 random things reveal more about the reader than yourself. How do you DO that, oh master of the understated?

    #2 still has me filling in the blanks with different crash scenarios, some involving Super Mario Brothers.

    As always, a pleasure to read:)

  6. Phooey on the 10 things...let's take a moment to enjoy the Lenoir Leprechan Leap Sirens before they bid adieu...okay, okay, not really phooey on the 10 things...

  7. I've got my hand on the alt-tab in case someone walks behind my desk.

    This is a really cool list - probs one of the more interesting lists of 10 i've seen. Shoe sales guy huh? The topic of occupation is always interesting. I feel that most people feel that my current job 'fits' with who I am, but have no way of comprehending some of the farm/automotive/etc stuff that i've done in the past.

    So, you said that you have ex sci degree. (Which my little sis is a snr towards getting). What DO you do now?

  8. I think it's really cool that you've had such a varied life in terms of jobs. It makes for a well-rounded person.

    Hypnotized in front of a bunch of Marines, eh? THAT must have been pretty amusing ;)


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