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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Sunshine Came Softly..."

Oh My!!! What a weekend in the high country. Those first glimpses of spring came to us with glorious 50 degree, clear sunshine skies!!! These are the types of weekends that really pay the winter running dividends! It'll make you feel like "Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothin' on me..." or you, as the case may be.

Of course Lynnea and I woke up to a snow squall this morning... another inch of the white stuff. But this week calls for more of 50 degree highs ALL week:) So, I can leave the tights and long sleeves cautiously close, the gloves and hats stowed and in their upright and locked positions as I soar into spring. Just have to be careful to keep the easy runs easy. This weather tends to make the winter runner a bit excited.

As far as workouts logged: 9+ miles Saturday in a comfortable 59 minutes. Then 11 miles on Sunday afternoon in 1:12. Broke out the new racing uniform as well, to test it out. (Not sure what could go wrong in a 5k though, concerning wardrobe malfunctions). Today calls for 10 at easy easy easy EASY pace... recovery is key today with the big race coming this weekend. I am looking forward to getting the racing season going again.

Also,garnered the first bit of tan in the face this weekend and so I will need to be fetching sunscreen to protect the shoulders and face. It is feels so good to know that before too long, the trails will be clear, the creeks will be full and 12 miles on the trails will be finished with a soak and a sudsy cold one!!!

BTW- I only had one extra part after assembling the weight bench... nothing has collapsed as of this morning:)


  1. Nice runs this weekend! Great job! You are speedy.

    We also had some sun in Florida this weekend, so I got a little red around the neck and cheecks. (That sounds funny since we are "The Sunshine State", and it is supposed to be sunny.)

    Good luck on your race this weekend. (Just in case I don't get a chance to say it later.)

  2. You are a seriously speedy guy! I was comparing my 1/2 marathon splits to what you are reporting. Not pretty on my side! Enjoy the warmer weather.

  3. Yes, these first warm runs always have injury lurking in the shadows. Good reminder to keep the exuberance in check. Cheers!

  4. Hi, Sean! I can tell by your post that you are READY, ready, ready to race!

    Yes, time for sunscreen- I never thought it's get here:).

  5. Hi Sean,
    Bring on the 50 degree weather and sunshine!! You are so ready for your have been training hard:) Also, very funny about your weight piece left over but no crashes...this is good! Have a great week Sean!

  6. Love it! Spring is here . . . almost! Doesn't it just kill you to have ONE piece left over?

  7. How is it possible for you to have a tan already?!?!? I mean, I don't even tan in AUGUST! Gah...jealous. Don't put the Winter clothes away'll just jinx it and then where will we be ;)

  8. That is so awesome how you casually throw out the 9 mph+ runs in there. Awesome.

    Rest the legs, you gotta defend your title from the high schooler!! I'm sure the testosterone has made his legs as big as the zits on his face.

  9. Only one extra piece? That's pretty impressive. Don't you wonder where it goes?


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