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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me

After a bit of research and a realization that my weak runner's arms need some help... I have decided to buy a free weight set. Today, it has arrived and assuming I can put it together correctly I will be adding a more structured resistance program to my schedule. Otherwise there will be a loud crash, a frantic dash by Lynnea to see what happened now and hopefully (in this case) some hearty laughter as I lay in a pile of Weider rubble.

I had been thinking about a gym membership for this aspect of training and decided that spending $400 once was better than $400 many many many many times... so I did just that. This Weider Core 600 Weight Bench is going to be the envy of NW North Carolina... just as long as I can get it home in my car...
Despite my best efforts at laziness I did not neglect to purchase the weight to go with this... My education in exercise science prepared me for this life decision. An education well spent! The next time you see me, I will be lifting a 45 pound bar with a 2.5 pound weight on each side. Lookout summertime, here I come!


  1. Congrats on the purchse/ investment. The first thing that came to mind when I read your post was that my education in economics prepared me to be a waitress, wherein I waited on Joe Weider on a regular basis.

    50 lbs. is a LOT! Happy lifting:)

  2. First you tell me you run 200 miles to my 100...Now you go and start lifting weights....You are certainly raising the bar!

    I have started the "100 push up" workout online, I just dread the strength training thing. In my head, when I am whining, I say, " I just want to be a runner. I don't want to lift weights!"

  3. Hi Sean,
    Congrats on your exciting new purchase:) Someone is a super stud!!

  4. All that weight is going to slow you down. Cheers!

  5. Never a happier day than the day that I could upgrade from the 5 lbs on each side to something a little heavier. (while it was a while ago, I wish I were kidding)

    I have a much less robust set up in the attic that I think it is time that it sees the light of day. Hold me accountable please.

  6. Keep it up! Mine keeps my clothes neatly hung!

  7. After my weight system collected enough dust I finally cleaned out my weight room long ago and made it an office, then started going to the gym somewhat regularly.

    I found that while it is more expensive over the years, I actually use it.

  8. Very cool! I think that's a good idea, especially when you consider that you've spent $400 once and are more likely to use it over the course of your life, as opposed to a gym membership. Plus, you can keep this clean and free from icky gym germs.


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