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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February-Schmebruary- Month in Review

With a big weekend (37+, which to me is 38) I was able to pull out 200 miles this month.

Friday night I went out on an adventure on the backside of Howard's Knob and its associated ridge. Including a mile long ascent up a 30% crust and ice packed road bed in the Bob Timberlake Housing Development (seriously) I was able to hammer in 16 miles of brutally windy and f-ing (f-reezing) cold running. I even had a change of gloves for the return and still my hands were numb... it was a fast descent.

Saturday was more mild and I slogged through 12 miles of more hilly, more patient running before getting in another 9 on Sunday (with the deer).

The nine miler brought me to 200 for February... so I guess I pulled it out in the snowiest month I can remember running in in my years on the roads (as trails don't really EXIST right now...).

Tallies For My Allies (and leeway, I beg.)
Monthly Total- 200 miles
Weekly high- 60 miles (two times)
Longest Day- 16 miles

The overall impression has been of running hilly miles in brutal wind. Introducing a lot more speed work has been nice this month and has led to faster training paces as well. At least I am able to get more for my time in these nasty weather months. But I love it... really, I do.

As I type this, we have received an additional 3 inches of heavy wet snow. I had a nice hard hill run with Lil today, that dog made me chase the leash for 8 miles of tempo with surges at 5k effort or better... and now she is still running mad in the living room! I am barely able to read these words... can I make to watch 'LOST' tonight??? Somebody make a pot of coffee...


  1. Hi Sean,
    Wow, 200 are amazing:)

    Funny about Lil...she knows how to push you!! You have your own personal k9 trainer:) Have a good one Sean!

  2. 200 miles?!?!1! Wow, that is some serious work, I feel like a slacker...Spring is around the corner...

  3. PLEASE tell me that you watched lost tonight. It was a good one. I can TELL that the end is near.

    Nice work on the 60 mile weeks. Next stop, 80.

  4. That's some good mileage. Particularly in a short month! 60 mile weeks?!? impressed.

  5. Awesome job on 200 in a short month, and two of those weeks at 60! Your rockin'. I have not hit that many miles in a week yet, but will be hitting 50 on 4 weeks during May to July this year. (I will probably hit 60 in the later half of the year, but I have not planned that far out yet.)

    Keep it up!


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