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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outskirts of Bend, fun flows over! (post race)

After the exhaustive travel on Friday to get to Bend. Then the 8 great miles of a 14 mile trail race which was touted as a 13 miler... I finally got back to catch some zzzz'z early in the afternoon. I plopped down and watch the Gators as they handled Tennessee while rolling side to side intermittently in the cool sheets while rain pattered outside. Nothing like a solid nap after a physically demanding morning!

Rails to Trails! An old logging area reclaimed!

I travelled south in my rented Corolla (some unnatural green color) and arrived at the Lavalands visitor center. In keeping with the trip, they were closing in 5 minutes and then I knew what the purpose of this trip was. To adjust to whatever surprises came at me. Because, they were all there!

I'd been doing this all along I guess to some degree of success, now though I was taking it to a new gear. I laughed, asked where I could hike and soon found a sweet trail with no fee! It ran in two directions so I ran amok over lava rocks and then down the river to see a fairly impressive series of rapids on the Deschutes River. Here are some visuals from my 2 hours exploring!

The Deschutes River in the Rain

Oregon Trail... (it was bound to happen.)

The river changing its mood.

The Sean and The River.

Stop. Sit. Wait. Listen.

A gigantic ancient tree... now gives life itself!


The Audacity of Hope...

Lost. In. Space...

Fee Free!
I like wild-colored mosses.

If you can think here, you can think anywhere...


  1. Lava on the Appalachian Trail!

    I thought this was going to be about an extra-marital affair!

  2. Wow .... those pics did not disappoint! It's just beautiful. I'd love to go check it out myself!

  3. Your posts are making me miss the mountains. Is that really lava? If you say so it must be true. Free runs are the way to go.

  4. LOVE the pictures!!! Really good job on the self portraits too. I have to think that there was something really peaceful being out there by yourself. I miss that feeling sometimes.


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