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Friday, November 19, 2010

Clear Sunny Skies

After a few hints at winter the weather has turned mild again- while still chilly and below freezing at night.  I know you did not come here for a Boone weather report (hopefully)... but as runners we know weather has a lot to say about upcoming schedules.

With a 2 hour long run on the books for this weekend I can look forward to NOT running 16 miles in the rain this time around.  While track workouts in the rain can be exciting, slogging along at aerobic efforts in the frigid fall rain is less than desirable. So, I am thankful this week for the weather forecast! I plan on getting out onto the asphalt for the first time on a long run this cycle... it's gotta happen eventually. With eyes and mind free to roam with the painfully predictable running surface a runner can get lost in the wandering of the surroundings.

I love running through the old farms and meadows and the relatively recent Christmas Tree farms that make up the high country.  As the creeks bubble downhill and the fallen leaves rustle in the breeze it is easy to let miles slip under your feet and find your worries filtering into the past.

Happy running.

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  1. It won't be long before every one of MY runs takes place on uneven, snow plow hardened roads in which your next step, if your not careful, is a twisted ankle waiting to happen. But you enjoy your carefree running...


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