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Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow, ice, rain... (baby??)

While all of this winter weather has provided the mail man with a canvas to create legendary delivery status for junk mail and bills... maybe a few cards as well... it has done nothing for my mileage. I've done my best to squeeze in an hour here and there- but without much success. Honestly I feel pretty out of it right now and the worst is that I am not too worried about it.

After an hour of trudging through a foot of ice crusted snow in the woods yesterday- I was taking a shower and thinking about Boston. Now about 5 months away I stood under the cascade of warmth, waiting for the water heater to run empty... and I thought- 'you know, Marathons are not easy- they are hard. You better get running."

Forecast calls for above freezing temps and no precipitation for the next week, forecast also calls for a baby to be joining our life any day now!!!


  1. I keep questioning my sanity for doing through winter is not easy business! But you're right, neither are marathons.

    Best of luck with the impending delivery! Great holiday present for you and your wife.

  2. Christmas baby! Yay! Funny that I live in AZ and haven't been getting in a many miles as I'm suppose to be but I'm not worried either. Okay I am a little worried :)

  3. Hi Sean,
    Good luck with the winter running! Running in the snow and ice is are a super stud and can handle it for sure:)

    Congrats on the future addition! How exciting:)

    Take care Sean!

  4. Head out for a long run and the baby will arrive. I had my cell in hand while running, which I never do, but when I got that call, the interval training paid off. I was home in a flash.

    Happy Christmas , Sean. Hope the baby arrives on cue to be your best gift.

  5. You totally called it!!! congrats again.


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