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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(Virtual) Race Preview- FYTOV5K

It's not too late folks, there are plenty of great starting positions still available for the Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k sponsored by Adam over at The Boring Runner! The great thing about this event is, you can sleep in, run your regularly scheduled run and then be eligible for giveaways and see where you rank amongst your peers worldwide. Heck, you could even run just about any finishing time you want to, report... all that is getting in your way is a little thing called integrity. Though if that is your road, maybe you ought to get off this train right now.

Lilith is virtually always ready to run
Still here... I thought so. Now that all those "others" are gone it is time for the preview of what might or might not happen for my FYTO Virtual 5k.

Likely, I will run with the youngest of my pups, Lily, and probably on the trails around the house. While distances are not marked, I have a decent idea of how far is far and when is when... so the 5k distance is virtually all but assured to be accurate and... if not, it is super hilly anyway so a good workout will be had!

Another option is to head over to the Tanawha Trail on the backside of Grandfather Mtn to partake in a Wikispaces organized event of 13.1miles up to 50k... or whatever... where others will also be running my favorite trail in NWNC. Doubtful on this being a reality though as this would take most of the day- leaving Lynnea to fend for herself in the constant battle between sleep, changing diapers and feeding... I swear, for not being able to do anything, baby Sylas sure keeps us busy virtually every minute of the day.

So, check out Adam's virtual race website and join hundreds of other runners as we all test ourselves against ourselves within the framework of virtual camaraderie! It is the essence of running and it is free.

You may Freeze Your Thorns Off, but you won't regret it! Happy Running!


  1. Integrity!? Blah! I can't wait to see how Lily does. I think you will be one of the few who is running trails AND with a four legged friend at your side. Enjoy it!

  2. I am sub-seeded in the 1a

  3. Hi Sean,
    I just commited to Adam's race this morning:) I need a virtual race in January to keep me moving. Have fun with your running partner Lily! Happy New year Sean!

  4. I'll be there LIVE! Sleeping in? Not so much. I think you should get about 11 more of those pups and a sled and have them pull you through all the snow. :)

  5. You pup sure looks ready to run and also, no offense, ready to bite my neck.


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