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Monday, February 14, 2011

Long runs and races aren't selling this year...

This weekend called for another 2 hour plus run on the trails. I would be lying if I said I was not ecstatic to contemplate running in shorts for this one... but the wind was gusting and I thought it best to go out in protective, head-to-toe garb... well, within 5 minutes I was down to shorts, short sleeves with hat and gloves... the fresh air felt amazing.

Hydro (aka- The Foamin' Hole) on the Watauga River
There is a coziness found in the sunshine directly warming your skin, free of barriers necessary for winter protection. There are some analogies here concerning sensitive exposed skin and the bliss that awaits following removal of obstructions/ coverings from such... but- I will save these analogies for other blogs better suited for this discussion... Nitmos hears me on this...

So- down the trail I went. While the air was warm, the ground was still frozen and therefor, very runnable.

As minutes and miles passed by and the warmth of the day soaked into the Earth I found more slips as mud replaced ice. I think I only fell 6-7 times, which is about average right? You all are falling this much... right? Once every two miles???

Fortunately none of the falls caused anything but smears of Earth on my pasty thighs and runner's arms, which served to give me that rugged look.  Lynnea loves it, even though she pretends not to while saying things like, "get out of here, you are distgusting" or, "I just vacuumed, go back into the woods!"

38 minutes??... we'll see!!
I decided this week to run 2 big loops down to the river and back. The river was pumping with the snow melt and the clear brilliant sunshine made me stop for a respite on the sandy bank. I was tempted to jump in... but I am not a complete moron, plus, I can't swim.

So back up the hill I went climbing my way about 700 feet to my first Aid Station... aka- my house. I dropped in, (with plastic bags on my muddy shoes to avoid any domestic disturbances) and glugged water then visited the Throne- Adam must be jealous... to think, a 2 hour run, without leaving home and NOT on the rubber band of death!! With facilities so handy... though it did seem strange to leave the woods to answer The Call.

16.5 miles later... or so, I had reached my 2 hour mark, the day's goal... actually 2:02:38 if you are keeping score at home, and pulled into the driveway FINISHED! ...and not nearly as tired as last week, though I did run at a higher intensity.

I hope your weekend running was as enjoyable as mine and that your progress toward your goals is... well, progressing. For me, 60 miles this week and feeling pretty good going into a lower volume week. I do have race #2 of the year, the Frostbite 10k. This is an afternoon race, which will be an interesting change. With a good month of running under my (shrinking) belt, it is time for some measurable results which I hope to be measuring under 38 minutes... Last month 38:51...

Happy running!!


  1. 60 Miles! Wowser.

    Glad you could run in shorts but still sounds too cold for me. Falling 6-7 times is perfectly normal (wink wink)

    Your wife sounds a lot like me, maybe we are related :)

  2. so many possible kertwangs running through my head....

    Let's start with you becoming captain of the triathlon team...

    Good luck at Frostbite-sounds like 38 is well within reach...

  3. another runner that doesn't know how to swim...almost seems like we are related or part of some elite group :)

    Congrats on the 60 miles and the shrinking belt!

  4. Hooray for mid run #2 breaks! I'm sure your door was a sight for sore eyes.

    My goal is to get my mileage up near 60 miles. Soon. Marathon is a callin!


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