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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good things on the horizon!!!

Hey ya'll!! Hope the forecast is looking as promising where you are as it is here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Reports say we might see a 60 degree day this week... woah!! I was happy with an easy 6 in the 30's today, I am not greedy... gotta say it is still nice to have some cruchy snow on the trails though:)

24 Hour Tempeh Taco

To prove my altruistic persuasion I wanted to remind you all that you still have a couple of days to enter for your chance to be in the running for the Athlete's Plate nomination. Click there for all the details.

It is wicked easy to enter. Just follow and leave a comment on the linked post.

Enjoy your weekend of running, whether your running 20 minutes or 20 miles or more... whether you are racing for gold or sharing trails with friends or soaking in the quiet and solitude, remember that each step really is special, just ask someone who doesn't have the option!! It may be corny and easy to dismiss with a snarky or cynical comment, but we are blessed, each of us, to be able to live a lifestyle that promotes heath, stress reduction and a connection to our body. In this fast food world, it is comforting to know that there are people out there crazy enough to take time for themselves each day to run toward nowhere and arrive a renewed person, ready for the latest challenge. Congratualtions to you all!

Happy running.


  1. yep a bit crazy, but fortunate...good reminder to be grateful for whatcha got. thanks!

  2. I wasn't grateful to have a 2 hr long run on the schedule after a 10k...but I was REALLY greateful after finishing said LSR...Grateful for have been able to run it AND grateful to have finished it!

    Boston's calling...8 weeks!


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