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Thursday, February 10, 2011

One thing we all have to do...

There are several things we all have to do, some more enjoyable than others... today's topic will touch on a great opportunity for those who are avid eaters among us. Raise your clicking device if you hear me on this.
The Sean Salsa & Eggs

Clicking devices raised??? Great... because there is an opportunity here for your blog and your diet. For those familiar with the delicious offerings of Jason at the Athlete's Plate you might have thought, "That looks so good, I wish someone would make some suggestions for my diet..." Well- stick with me, because you might just get that chance.

Lebowski Lentil Soup
The Sean is the beneficiary of kind thoughtfulness and consideration on the part of Georgia Snail this week.  In Clean Air and The Sean's eating habits are now on display over at the Athlete's Plate. Now I am hungry!

Stay posted for the photo results of my attempt to re-create Jason's dishes (while trying not to shame them). I do like to cook but... my wife doesn't always like to eat the results... so, we'll have to see what happens. Either way, this is a very cool opportunity!!

Followers Unite!
Still with me? Good, because here is your payoff! Have you been struggling with your boring or unhealthy diet? Having a hard time keeping things interesting? Looking for some new spin on tired, overused food choices? Well, I am here to offer you a helping hand... more specifically, Jason's helping hand.
Sagittarius Smoothie

Followers of In Clean Air are eligible to be the next featured blog on the Athlete's Plate!

  • To reach the starting line (or dinner table) make sure you are a follower
    • If not then follow now (see side bar)
  • Then leave a comment on this blog post with your blog.address 
    • Deadline is Tuesday Feb. 15th, 2011 midnight eastern
  • Using  I will pass the chosen blog along to Jason at the Athlete's Plate.
You could be the next recipient of some cool new meals tailored to your very own lifestyle and diet!  So, get following, commenting and eating well!

Happy running!!!


  1. Very cool idea...I look forward to seeing the photo's from your test kitchen!

  2. following-check

    Cool!! Thanks for leading me here Jason...

  3. That would be very cool. My "nutrition" habits or lack thereof is on my "must do" list right now. Count me in.

    Funny that you "like to cook" but your wife "doesn't like to eat" ha ha..

  4. This sounds like fun and I'm already a follower. Here's my blog address:

    Happy Eating!!

  5. I thinks its wonderful for people to share their love of fitness and food!
    Here is my blog
    Disciplined Indulgence
    If you look to the right of my blog for the archive, you can hunt for great meals. Lots of fun grains, easy high quality meals.
    : )

  6. The Couscous dish sounds really good.

  7. Forgot the blog address:


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