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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 4-Hour Body: 3 week checkpoint

3 weeks ago I began a new approach to my eating. I had read various positive reviews concerning the Four-Hour Body and decided that it sounded like something worthwhile to try out for a month or so.

Taking the Man out of the Manzier
My goal is simple, to lose some body fat. Over the last year I have seen my waistline creep little by little and the manzier reaching its outermost limits as well. The final straw was the winter/ baby time off couple with quick fix eating and a lack of sleep. I stepped on the scale one day and the hard truth was blankly staring upwards at me. No more could I say I was wearing my "heavy" shoes today, things weren't fitting well and I felt squeezed. None of my shoes weigh 15 pounds...

Even 'stylish' manziers are a FAIL

About this time I was reading reviews of the 4-Hour Body
(4HB if you are into brevity) and it got me thinking... I thought:

"You know, you've been doing the same thing, for a long time, and even when running decent mileage (up to mid 60 mpw) you still aren't losing any weight, you are gaining weight... maybe try something new..."    -record of me... thinking about what I thought.

So- I visited and bought the Kindle version of 4HB and began reading it right away. I won't go into the details of the program here, I am not trying to sell you anything (unless author Tim Ferris would like to compensate me for such, then... maybe). But- basically sugar is out, or anything kin to sugar, including dairy.

Now 3 weeks into the 4HB program, I feel much leaner and lighter. If this is all I get, then I consider my $10 well spent. I am also saving money on food since I eat beans, legumes and veggies 6 days a week, as much as I want, no calorie restrictions, typically 4 small meals (two lunches).

On the 7th day is a real treat... binge day. For 24 hours, once a week, you get as much of anything you want...really.  This made me skeptical but it helps on those challenging days when you want to cheat to know you can just wait for the big binge. Why does it work? Chalk it up to priming metabolism for the next 6 days (85% of your life)... or for the runner's mind- it is recovery day. I guess I look at it this way, I train my running body 6 days a week and give it one to do whatever... consistency over time= results.

Beer-burger smoothie... yes please!

Binge day typically something like this:

  • 2 large supreme pizzas
  • 6 pack of good beer
  • 2 bags of chips
  • 15 Chicken strips
  • Bowl of ice cream
  • Miscellaneous candy
  • Baking sheet of French Fries
  • 32 oz. Dr. Pepper

Total calories??? No clue, but it is truly gluttonous and I typically find myself unable to move as I make my way toward bed... the odd thing is that I find I am much "hungrier" on binge days than during the week. Is the food more filling? Is it mental? Probably a little bit of both... along with more free time at home.

I have found the diet very doable and perhaps most important I have paid more attention to what I am consuming... always a Big WIN!

But- what have my results been >>>
From these pictures you can see a little definition coming out in my torso as subcutaneous fat stores go away. Full disclosure on the before and current photos... completely relaxed in both photos, I am NOT sucking in or doing any infomercial-style tricks;) What you see is what has happened for me so far.

To this point the results have been promising and honestly, fairly immediate. Within 5 days I felt a real difference and saw it too. I estimate that I have lost about 4% body fat from 16% to 12% in this time frame.

Bottom line: I will continue with 4HB, it is working for me. Toward the goal of 8-9% body fat, hopefully by Boston.    

Though it is snowing as I type
I think spring is coming, time is right-
after all, winter cannot last forever!! 

can it?


  1. Ah yes - the 'manzier'. I prefer the 'bro', but the net result is the same.

    I may need to look into this 4HB. I got a little indigestion just reading that binge-day list.

  2. Eating hyperpalatable foods (those loaded with sugar/salt/fat) stimulate the senses and provide a reward that leads many people to eat more to repeat the experience...which is why you want to eat more and more on your binge day, your brain is telling you "it will feel good"...

    I do love my "recovery day" though...

  3. ...sorry, had to come back after reading the teaser on the 4HB's web page...

    "How to produce 15-minute female orgasms"
    -so, how's that working for you?

  4. I'm sold--on the superhuman and great sex part. haha! it's a sub 40 countdown until spring now.

  5. Wow. Good for you, man. I don't think I could give up my sugar though, but I am trying to cut back on the overall fat intake. I clearly eat too much cheese. Womp womp.

  6. I nominated you to Jason for Athlete's Plate...check it out...

  7. Embrace your Cheeto Layer. It just makes your accomplishments more impressive. Good luck!

  8. i love the concept. i did a cleanse for 3 weeks and felt amazing. i kept with it, for the most part, until this week...which was filled with sales meetings (aka -fancy dinners, booze and decadent desserts). and now i feel awful. you really are what you eat.


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