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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Big Weekend

Amidst the first threat of High Country snow... up to 2 inches in the next 24 hours... I am making final preparations to head north to Virginia and the Mount Rogers Rec Area for a weekend of sleeping under vinyl and running over rocks and roots!

How much will I run? A lot.

How much will I read? A lot... maybe...

How much wood will I burn? Yet to be seen but probably commensurate with snowfall accumulation.

It will be a Big Weekend for me as I prep for upcoming 50k and 100k runs later this month and into the new year. What are your big weekend plans for welcoming October in style? What are you training for? How are you coping with being a fan of the biggest failed season in the history of America's pastime? There I go projecting again...

Happy running!


  1. Have a great weekend! Sounds like a blast. Maybe all that running will help you to let go of "the biggest failed season"! Positive note: there's always next year! Better a DNF than a DNS!

  2. sounds like a most excellent weekend my friend! Enjoy. As for me, well, I'm running a little 50K down in North Augusta. (FATS 50K) Should be a great time and perfect weather to boot. Take Care.

  3. I'm still hurting about the failed season!! sigh.... how many days 'til opening day?
    October will be spent running my ass off!


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