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Monday, September 26, 2011

Revisiting MLB picks... How'd I do??

Mar 31, 2011

So- it has been a whole baseball (and running) season now. As I write this (for a scheduled posting at the end of the season) the season's first fans are streaming into the ball parks in Washington D.C. and at Yankee Stadium for the first two games of the season. Who knows what this year will bring but this is what I thought would happen... and now, I am accountable.

I hope we are all celebrating our own successes in running and life and that your team is still in the hunt... unless you are a Yankees fan, in which case, I hope the team has been disbanded and the stadium has been turned into an aquarium.          Playoff time!!!

PS- Awful in every respect... wow.

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  1. Wow. I'm just hoping the sox can hang on for one more game. If they don't get the mojo turned around asap they'll lose the first playoff series anyway! pitiful.

    But, my Mets didn't even stay on top of 500 this season. The Snail and I must hang our heads in shame too.


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