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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Neck of the Woods?

First off... some music to set the mood so you will tell me what I want to know...

Now. The Sean is still riding in place and lifting weights with no real "work" accomplished... but feeling better all of the time and the ankle continues to tempt his running spirit. So far The Sean has held out and stuck to his guns (If you don't count jogging around with his dogs and calculating yardage completed while doing so. About 327 yards if you are wondering, which is not zero.).

No pity party here. The Sean has his running memories to tempt him forward on to great things in the future even if a bike in a basement is the only place to be headed for now. There is a larger plan at stake here!

Summer fun with IMTR (L-R): The Sean, Rob, Rick   (Photo: Beth M.)

Enough of that though. What are YOU doing as we reach the midpoint of  January 2012. Sticking to your New Plan? Revamping your fitness? Excited for the Trials this weekend? Or, are you actually racing!!!!

Whatever the case, The Sean would love to hear about it so, dish it out!! Here's your chance to gush endlessly about yourself, no apology needed either. The Sean will even read the entire comment without checking his Facebook. 

Leave a comment. 


  1. I love that you are talking in the third person here... I totally understand your frustration over the ankle. Injuries suck, hopefully yours passes quickly.

  2. Der Scott is deep in the dark heart of his marathon training schedule. Lots of long 20 mile runs mixed with evil bursts of speed work are battering his body. In order to keep his sanity, Der Scott has scheduled two trail races as part of his marathon training plan. One 10 mile race for speed, followed a few weeks later by a tough 20 mile race for hill work. This brilliant move may be his undoing though... Der Scott seems to have learned nothing from his past failures.

  3. I'm trying to maintain my mileage at 25 per week while doing some planks/push-ups. Also, looking through a number of races and thinking about what's next. And for fun? I'm watching some documentaries for inspirations: 'My Run' of a 57 year old dude who runs 75 marathons a day from MN to Georgia...and now gonna check out "Run for your life' the fred lebow story...nice tune btw...and glad you are in good spirits!

  4. About a year ago now I was inspired while providing aid for some crazy folks out running the Foothills Trail; I guess it got to me, because I will be running the traverse in March!

  5. Let's hope The Sean has a great weekend. Can't believe The Snail is coming to Pinehurst and I can't get down there to cheer him on! You going to be anywhere close to weymouth woods this weekend?

  6. Injuries just plain suck! And if you try to run through an ankle injury, you'll probably change your stride some and that will lead to another injury.

    But 'giving it time' is soooo mentally tough. You think maybe it's better . . . so you want to go out a try it! Then . . . re-injury.

    I feel your pain!


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