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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dusting off the Cape

...and we thought it was cold.

I hardly dare the forces that be to ratchet up (er, down?) this cold spell any further. The more of the forecast I see, the clearer I know that the decision to run Disney is a good one... if only to bring some relief from the -5 to -15 degree temperatures we are being quoted with. Today is a little warmer, so they say... at 14 degrees above zero and the wind chill advisory being lifted; this is laughable but like I said about tempting fate.

So, I may, in fact don the cape today, there may be no other choice for surviving the brutal conditions. As luck would have it, I only need about 40 minutes today and maybe slightly longer tomorrow before bailing for the magical sun of Disney. I will succeed at getting both feet out the door; covered head to toe- maybe even with ski goggles as well:)

This weekend's running was done in the relative warmth of Southern Pines, NC where they experiences lows so low they hadn't been so low... since '77... the year I was born. Saturday I even could have used some gloves;) It reached down around freezing with some gusty winds.

After a quick 6 miles in Weymouth Woods, I was treated to a massage, a sauna and a whirlpool. What a weekend and what a way to start the new year!! I will spare you the details of the trunk-less wonder...


  1. You need to don the cape. I vote for the cape and remember, pictures or it never happened...

  2. 77? great! I was born in 73 and now I feel old :)Good luck in Disney!

  3. When I hear about the NC/SC/GA cold here in San Fran, i KNOW it is cold. Crazy.

    Either way, have fun in FL this weekend. Since I know you're PRing, I won't ask for any pictures next to goofy - but give him a thumbs up for me.

  4. I bet you're on your way to Disney, you lucky dog! Warm(er) weather, Disney characters, and a fast course await you. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

    A 5:40 start time? Yeesh!


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