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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leave the Cape at Home

The sky is dark.

This means one thing- time to go for a run. During these winter months this means locate tights, long sleeve, shorts, Smartwool socks, gloves and hat... and a reflective vest of course. This is the uniform of the season and can create a daunting prospect from the comforting prospect of going home to a wife and warm dinner.

But- we are runners and therefore, a sort of super hero... if only to ourselves for a matter of mere hours each week. This means we must suit up to brave the elements and do something great when called upon. This time of year we are truly tested in our commitment. What separates the decent runner from the exceptional runner? It is not speed, though this seems to help externally, and it is not our finishing place either... again, completely subjective to the surroundings at a particular event.

What really makes the difference for the successful runner is the ability and ultimately the decision to be consistent in our running. We have each lived this truth, when we give our soul to running, it will give us greatness in return. Not the false greatness that lands us on the front page or leads to applause and standing ovations (these things are nice too...) but the lasting greatness which leaves a person changed.

These heroic moments of culmination not only serve to validate the past and present but spur us onto the future. This is the time of year when we are all excited with these three dimensions of time. Let's try to remember one thing though, with each step we take we are deciding to be heroic. We really are inspiring our friends and family, that person we zoom by on the sidewalk and maybe even that person on the running fence as they idle in 5pm traffic...

DON'T be this guy

So, when it is dark and cold and windy and raining and seems miserable outside... don your super hero uniform, take a few steps and within minutes you'll know this decision is noble, it is right. You may not have a cape (I would NOT suggest it nobody likes a guy in a cape) but each day we have the chance to inspire one person... go see who that is!


  1. Great post.

    Yup, I officially need to get out of my PJs and go for my 7 miler. What? It is 11:15? Don't judge me because it is my day off.

  2. Sean, another great post pal. Your reasoning makes me feel that much better about getting out and running in the cold. And you know what? I may make myself a cape just to see how many looks I get when running down the street...

  3. Great, timely, post. Running in 18 degrees that feels like 7 degrees with wind chill is, in my book, an heroic feat. Cape-worthy, even.

  4. I don't know... this post kind of make me *want* to wear a cape on my next run. :-)

    Great post, Sean!


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