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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Air Seems Cleaner up Here

The focus from speed to distance has occured. These days surrounding me have brought musings of the future and what could be possible in terms of endurance. 26.2... I've done this, 5 times but not for a long time. So here I sit and think about this fall and the diligence required to reach that period and not be wondering, but rather realizing.

The future surely arrives. What will we do with the moments leading up to it? Will we rest, always being ready to preapare for something? OR will we be doing that something, actualizing life. Creating ourselves, step by step, each mile piling gently or fiercely. Moment by moment is how a life is passed or lived or loved. Discovery is not concrete or quantified. Adventure is in the mind. Achievement is of the soul.

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