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Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandfather Marathon- final long run

Sick... yuck. sore throat, worn down... boring.

Everyone is saying it this week. The summer illness has hit hard. I still got out for 17 on Saturday night, on the road for the first time in awhile. The open stride was a recent new feeling for me on a long run and gave me a taste of the upcoming marathon. Let's hope I am a tad looser come race day.

I'll race 10k for the 4th in Lenoir, NC. This is where my season began this year with an all out duel with a 10 year old during the Leprechan Leap 5k. I think my fitness has improved since but if there is one thing we all know... it is to expect surprises. Be adaptable and be flexible but always run with the utmost integrity. This simply means to me, that I need to run MY best. The performance must come from within, an expression of the meaning that each effort has to me, internally. The spirit of 'Running Within', reaching the mystical realm we all long for.

The following week is the next long race and the reason for the recent longer run. This is also the return to the Marathon for me. Chicago was my last and that was in 2003. There, I fell apart at 15 miles and struggle through some painful hip issues for a 2:58. My training this time has been much more consistent and I hope it will lead to a better result.

Grandfather Mountain Marathon and its hilly profile has my respect already. But I am getting my head around the idea of performance and distance mixed. This won't be a long, slow effort... hopefully. The goal is for this to be a hilly, long test of the upper limits of my racing ability; an extension of the Valle Crucis 25k from earlier in the season. I am not supremely confident in my speed work at this point with only a few efforts every 10 days or so. Though I know that all I can do is what I can do. Also I have seen in recent races that when I allow it, my efforts have been far beyond my goals for the given day.

Going by feel, relaxing the body and allowing the flow state to come upon me through the miles upon miles. That is the plan ya'll. More to come. More sleep hopefully.

P.S.- Ate a lightning bug tonight after a gorgingly great dinner. This caused some gagging and then I threw up a little in the woods. It was kind of gross but only if that kind of thing is completely disgusting to you.

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