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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chattanooga Trek

This week I am travelling to Chattanooga for a work related conference. I will be talking to Christmas Tree Growers from throughout the U.S. While I am there I will be sure to take a little running vacation. No, not time away from running of course, but rather a chance to discover new trails.

I have been reading up a little about the area and it seems that the Cumberland Trail is the place to be. Some gorgeous gorges, riveting rivers and surely some special saloons as well will wash away the stresses of the days, which are limited... I may even take a morning jaunt or two within city limits in order to experience a touch of urban running.

The trip begins before sunrise tomorrow and will culminate with a ballgame on Friday night in Knoxville; I may even bring along the tent and soak in the sounds of the southern night. I love to travel but it will be so nice getting home!


  1. Check with the Rock Creek guys if you need some directions to good trail. Have a great trip!

  2. Have fun! Hope the bathroom floor turned out well :)

  3. I was a hero this weekend... she could not believe how well it turned out; I think that is a good thing? Time will tell.


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